HERO (2017) 

Directed by: Kerryn Williams

Written by: Justin Banks

Produced by: Justin Banks, Ciaran Jordan

Screenplay by: Kerryn Williams, Justin Banks

Cinematography: Danny De Moreta

Starring: John Jarratt, Charlie Jarratt, Sheridyn Fisher, Chad Bennett and Justin Banks

Release: May 9 2017

In the quiet picturesque countryside of the Yarramalong Valley Officers’ Henry (John Jarratt - Wolf Creek) and Brooks (Charlie Jarratt - StalkHer) find a young woman (Sheridyn Fisher - Boar) wandering along the roadside. Seemingly distraught by some events she has just witnessed the officers offer their assistance. Upon receiving a call about a possible crash site they suspect the young woman may be a survivor of they head out to investigate. Within an undulation of trees things are not what they seem, who has come to Earth and do we need a hero to save us all?

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