Kerryn Williams,

Based on The Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Since I was a young boy my earliest recollection in the cinema was Disney's The Lion King. I distinctly remember the sound and imagery as the warm golden sun broke across the African savannah. It was then I knew that film would forever leave an indelible mark on my future. 

I've spent over 20 years perfecting my craft, gaining valuable experience from industry professionals around the world. I first started writing stories from the age of 8 and then progressing into my first script at 17. The art of storytelling has always inspired me and constantly challenges my creativity. There's something uniquely gratifying when an audience reacts to the way stories come together and unfold. Film is comprised of so many different elements from Story, Sound, Visual and Delivery. It's within these elements that I'm constantly challenging myself to find the perfect balance. 

Throughout my career I have found myself to pickup all avenues of filmmaking to fill the gaps in the areas that I couldn't find help with. I bought my first keyboard piano when I was 8 and taught myself by ear how to play. I have now composed scores for numerous projects including short films, video games, theatre, audio books and documentaries.

I picked up my first camera when I was 15 after spending a large amount of time working jobs and chores to save enough money to buy a camcorder.  I reflect upon those times a lot as it taught me resilience and resourcefulness to make things work. Recently I completed a film I directed using a RED Weapon Helium 8K Camera.

I think the moments when being creative that are most rewarding is collaborating with likeminded people. When a crew of people put their minds, hearts and passions together they achieve incredible feats. When at 2am amongst the pouring rain with mud fast swallowing our shoes, insects biting our necks and losing the power generator we still managed to deliver our film early and under budget I just think - wow we did that.

When crafting a story I love exploring everything about the characters and the world they exist in. Story has so many different avenues to explore, not only are the characters so integral to a good story but also the world around them. What makes them tick, how the environment affects what they do. I like to work closely with the environment, with sound and the design of each project from the ground up.

In 2012 I helped bring to life a script RED QUEEN I co-wrote with my dear friend Sheridyn Fisher. In many ways whilst the project was manipulated away from our original vision it taught us how to adapt within the world of creativity and film.
Years later after returning from America working with a few production houses I met with Grigori Films founder Justin Banks. Inspired by the same burning desire to change the way stories are told to modern audiences and open the flood gates to our own stories itching to be told we instantly got to work. During the production of our first film LANCELOT RISES we were yet again thrown into a production twist and suddenly found called upon by American Actor/Producer Greg Grunberg (HEROES, STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS) to produce a short for his Charity 
Exceeding his expectations Justin and I delivered an internationally acclaimed and awarded short film starring Australian Icon John Jarratt called HERO.

HERO has gone on to win numerous international awards after screening on CBS to millions of viewers for a charity event.

These achievements combined with my constant unwavering exploration of storytelling is what I live for.

I write, produce, score and direct all avenues of film and will continue to do so until the credits role for the last time.

        - Kerryn Williams,

          Director - Taipan Films Australia


2010 - A Rats Tale - Published Children's Book. (Co-writer/Illustrator)

2012 - Red Queen - A Harley Quinn Inspired Film. ((Writer).

2014 - Zero Dark Thirsty - Short (Writer/Producer/Director)

2016 - Vampyr - Short Film (writer/Director).

2017 - Simulation - Short Film (Weapons Expert/Extra)

2017 - Lancelot Rises - Short Film. (2nd Unit Director).

2017 - HERO - A Charity Film Project (Co-writer/Director/Composer).

2017 - The Interrogation of Subject 51 - Short Film (Writer/Director)

2017 - Jason Owen "Calypso" - Music Video (Director)

2017 - Symphony of the Earth - "Little Blue Planet" - Music Video (Director).

2017 - Straywatch - Advertising campaign Universal Pictures Australia for                   Baywatch feature film. (Assistant Director).

2017 - Here - Short Film (Assistant Director).

2017 - The Unreal Life of Joshua Schmuckman - Feature (Assistant Director).

2107 - One Shot - Short Film (Writer/Director)

2018 - The Film Bunker - Web series - (Creator/Host).

2018 - The Artefact - Short (Co-Screenwriter/Assistant Director/Extra).

2018 - Their Promise - Short (Writer/Director).




2014 - Hoyts Best Original Film (Australia) - ZERO DARK THIRSTY.

2017 - Ad Awards (Australia) - STRAYWATCH.
2017 - AACTA Finalist/Runner Up Social Shorts Film Awards (Australia). -

2017 - Los Angeles Cinefest Semi-Finalist (USA). - HERO.

2017- Melbourne Underground Film Fest, Official Selection (Australia) - HERO.

2017 - Sydney Indie Film Fest Official Selection (Australia) - HERO

2017 - Cannes Short Film Festival Official Selection (France) - HERO.

2017 - DMOFF Film Fest Official Selection (USA) - HERO.

2017 - Hollywood Screenings Film Fest Semi-Finalist (USA) - HERO.

2017 - NASA Film Competition (USA) - HERE.

2018 - Official Selection Accolade Global Film Comp (USA) - THEIR PROMISE

2018 - WINNER Award of Merit Accolade Global Film Comp (USA) - THEIR PROMISE

2018 - Semi Finalist Los Angeles Cine Fest (USA) - THEIR PROMISE

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